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becoming more polarized and more centered on the left and right. mccainearly 2000's, john carry 20% of the republican senate caucus formication/fine gold. it happened in the house because moderate republicans voted for it against their party leadership. those senators who voted for mccain- feingold are gone. the party has moved on and the ball. the ball. but there the 1990's were perennial discussions about changing the campaign of finance. it took place in the world or someone like the republican leader was interested in making sure each of the republicans got a good deal or not a bad deal but he is not opposed to reform or legislation. this is partially or largely because we have an fcc that is deadlocked at 3-3 because it takes four votes. that is a 2/3 requirement for the fcc to do anything. it is now as a prize of they don't. i think there really is a change in the way congress looks at this in a non-partisan way. i still hold out hope that after the election in the new congress that will at least take care of this of this closure. -- of this disclosure. they say the disclosu
as a cancer surgeon today at johns hopkins. but i bumped into one of those people i met later life and he was at a conference and he said, how many of you know another doctor who should not be operating because he or she is too dangerous. every single one of the 2000 people in the audience raised their hands. we have a serious problem with the mass of variation and the quality of health care. it frustrates doctors alike just as much as patients. unless we get to this issue of quality, getting to measuring it, how will we address health care costs in the u.s. and? dr.: back in the 1970's, nolan from minnesota wrote a book, ", a surgeon under the knife" and it was a best seller at the time. are you familiar with the book? guest: it is a great book. i applaud anyone who comes out and speaks openly and honestly about the problems in health care without alienating the doctors or the medical community. let's face it, there are a million doctors in the u.s.. they are on the better side of health care. we ought to be careful about the inflammatory ways this can be treated by the media. we should
-- to be specific, ken john boehner -- can't john boehner say he will make a deal with barack obama even though he is in the middle of an election? >> that is a good question. a leading player in texas who is now on k street, but more on the debt -- the democratic side. in a conversation, the republican said, the democrats will have to to -- will have to cave on taxes because john minnert cannot -- and john painter cannot move his caucus before january 1, but the president can rollover before then. i think we see this as a prescription for never getting anywhere. the hope is that after the election, the discussion proceeds in such a fashion that there can be agreement in december. but i think the very point and you mentioned is one of the reasons that it is more likely we get a deal in january than december. it is precisely because of what you just mentioned about john boehner and the elections in the house. i should state it more clearly the bottom line question is, what does it take the house republican caucus to move? i hope i am wrong on this. i believe the house republican caucus will not mov
and being republican, it is not happening at all. host: you might remember john anderson won 6.6% of the national vote. ralph nader has won several times. you have been called the original tea party candidate. i want to play a little bit of tape with ross perot. we will show this interview tonight at 9:00 p.m. he reflects on the tea party movement. let's take a listen. [video clip] >> i'm wondering what your thoughts were with the tea party revolution. >> it was interesting to see that happen. i was surprised. i think it had managed in impact, don't you? i think it was a healthy thing to happen. hopefully a lot of american citizens. host: what do you make of the tea party movement? guest: the notion of dollars and sense that we have to balance revenues with expenditures -- initially it was all about spending. i am an line with that. talk about the occupied movement. it is about the inequality that exists in this country. i don't think republicans and the difference between corporate welfare and free markets. democrats, the same way. by adopting the fair tax, i think we kick hal
to act as speaker pro tempore on this day. signed, john a. boehner, speaker of the house of representatives. the speaker pro tempore: the prayer will be offered by the guest chaplain, the reverend patrick rifle from st. peter catholic church in washington, d.c. the chaplain: let us pray. god, our father, you guide everything in wisdom and love. you are good, forgiving, full of love to all who call upon you. we now praise you for that love and rejoice in your abundant blessings. you call us today to grow in the knowledge of that love and invite us to receive your blessing. accept the prayers we offer for our beloved nation. protect it and keep it ever in your sight. and fill this house of representatives with your holy wisdom, strengthen these representatives and their staff as they labor for what is good and just. may true harmony, lasting freedom and justice be secured for all so that there may be lasting peace. we ask this in your most holy name. amen. the speaker pro tempore: pursuant to section 3-a of house resolution 788, the journal of the last day's proceedings is
. signed, john a. boehner, speaker of the house of representatives. the speaker pro tempore: the prayer will be offered today by our chaplain, father conroy. chaplain conroy: let us pray. eternal god we give you thanks for giving us another day. we thank you once again that we your creatures can come before you and ask guidance for the men and women of this assembly. send your spirit of peace, honesty, and fairness during these weeks of political campaign. may their ears and hearts be opened to listen to the hopes and needs of those whom they represent and whom they seek to represent. bless the people of this great nation with wisdom, knowledge, and understanding that they might responsibly participate in our american democratcy. -- democratcy. please keep all who work for the people's house in good health that they might faithfully fulfill the great responsibility given them to the service to the work of the capitol. bless us this day and every day and may all that is done here be for your greater honor and glory. amen. the speaker pro tempore: pursuant to section 3-a house resolution
to think about is john roberts. he plays maybe not a pivotal role ideologically, but a pivotal role on how fast the court does anything. justice scalia, justice thomas, when they have a solid majority, they want to get to the end result. he will provide a fifth vote. the chief justice is more concerned with taking things incrementally and that will play out in all the big cases in the term. do you say that there is a constitutional right to same-sex marriage always are never or do you take a baby step in that area? do you say that section 5 is unconstitutional across the board argued car back on the number of jurisdictions that are subject to the pre-clearance regime? that is an incredibly important role. i will just add a fourth amendment case. the docket of all of the search and seizure cases coming up, be attentive to the new grant on when it is the police can take blood, when they think you are driving under the influence. there is an important case about that where it has the state's practice of taking blood when there is no accident. i would be surprised if the state's loss that beca
position of opposing terrorism is far better than john kerry's who thinks that terrorism is a form of criminality. >> you also said he did not agree with him on most of the issues but as far as you're is -- israel is concerned, you supported israel. >> you are not quoting me correctly. the quote is the one i gave you. >> when obama ran, you said you were supporting him because of the fact you heard he would be good for israel. >> that is not what i said at all. >> what is the question? >> said it now, that was one of the biggest mistake you ever made. >> please, what is your question. >> are you supporting obama and? >> yes. >> what is the reason why you are supporting him? >> i did already. i believe there is a whole aspect of issues to be considered and on domestic issues, i will not go through it again, you cannot compare the democrats and republicans. the democrats are so far better on medicare and medicaid and social security and taxing the wealthy. and with respect to his position on israel, i hope to move him to mind. >> try this gentleman over here. we will come back. i fee
make informed decisions and it is applied uniformly across the country. host: john from illinois. republican caller. caller: thank you for keeping this up. i am a 25-year insurance broker in illinois. i write for probably seven or eight carriers will actually do business right now and have for years and every state. this fallacy that an exchange will somehow help people buy health insurance at a lower price is not really true. i just recently attended a meeting, one of the large insurance carriers, health alliance, and they decided their actuaries are telling them that young people will probably pay upwards of 40% more because the three-to-one ratio for an older person to try to have to buy their premium at a certain price reverses a younger person. one last comment i want to make. believe it or not, every woman out there now when they buy through an exchange or insurance carrier, will have to have maternity coverage, whether they want it or not. that alone has cost probably 25%-30% for someone correctly if they want to add it. host: maternity coverage, did you say? are there? gu
.s. president john f. kennedy established the peace corps, at its very first mission was in ghana. in the past two decades, ghana's position of peace has been tested again and again, as the region was ravaged by one civil war after another. however, we have held firm to that position and we will continue to do so. because ghana wishes to coax the harmonies with all of our neighbors -- coexist harmonious sleep with all of our neighbors, we are ever conscious of peace. the unfolding tensions in cote coteire have been after -- d'ivoire are of continued concern to us. we will not be the storehouse of any resources or weapons that will be used to disrupt the peace and development of other nations. we will not harbor any individuals or groups whose intent is to utilize ghana as a base of repression to undermine the safety and security of our neighbors. [applause] we will work under the protocol and utilize whatever tools of diplomacy are at our disposal to ensure that security and peace are established in mali and cote d'ivoire, at that these countries find a place among other african countries in t
to other groups. there seems to be a turning going john greater than -- going on. when you buy a bottle of wine and there is a price tag and it is the key and it tears, -- it is sticky and it tears, that is what we feel like. i do not know if we will ever get the price tag off. the other parts that are interesting are officers and directors, which are listed. the top vendor, they have to is fair top vendors, which can be interesting, but this is not easy. what we have been doing with the information we do find is incorporating it on to our website on a particular organization, services americans for prosperity, and you can see we do say this is not reported anywhere, but we have sounded ourselves by digging through irs filings, but we do show information about who is giving to this group. it is historical, so it is going to be a year old, and we know we are only getting the tip of the iceberg. next slide. our research has taught us hillary clinton was right when there is a vast right wing conspiracy. there is also a left wing conspiracy. on this side you can see the conservative network
mentioned john stuart been normally, you can get a barometer of where the country is by the late-night comics. >> i thought you said comics. [laughter] >> i will let even get into the midst of that. >> but letterman is getting older and we will have a vacant chair at some point. [laughter] >> so what did jay leno say. >> they went from 8.3% to 8.1% and the reason was that three and 60,000 people dropped out of the work force entirely, stop looking for work, which is the only reason the numbers went down. nearly 400,000 people give up hope they could find work. so obama has a strategy for re- election which is encouraging even more people to stop looking for what. >> but the question is not whether the and employment rate is 8.1% or 8.3%. the question is whether it is better than when the president took office? >> absolutely not. when you have the worst employment participation in 30 years -- in the three and a half years of president obama tenure, gdp growth has been 1.5%. historically, for the last seven years, it has been 3.7%. we have had less than half the historical average
? will this approval process have to continue indefinitely, even as more partnering ramps up? >> first of all, john allen's order did not at that level restrict anything. it told subordinate commanders to assess their own situation in their own part of afghanistan, and they did that. i would suggest that what they did as part of that was buy themselves some time in order to determine whether we had to make any internal changes. that could be something as simple as reinforcing standards and discipline to adding potentially to the guardian angel program, and whenever it happens to be. that was all done, it seems to me, at the right level. it was not done at this level. it was done down where the group meets the ground -- where the boot meets the ground. the other thing that had to change was we needed buy-in from our afghan partners to make sure they were taking this as seriously as we did. i can tell you without hesitation they are taking this as seriously as we are and taking active measures to help us -- and then -- defeat this threat -- to help us and them defeat this threat. i came back with a r
Search Results 0 to 13 of about 14 (some duplicates have been removed)